This is the website of the Ohio Chapter
of the International Aerobatic Club.

The chapter is celebrating our 40 year Anniversary in 2014!
We are a group of aviation enthusiasts primarily in Ohio
with some members scattered throughout Indiana, Kentucky,
Michigan and beyond.
     We are all about friends, family and fun. You don't have
to compete in aerobatics to be a member.  We have many
members that are interested in recreational aerobatics or
who are non-pilots, but still enjoy and help in all our endeavors.    

IAC34 Member, Chris Napier in his DR-107


The Ohio Aerobatic Open has been awarded
the IAC Open East Championship!

At the 2013 Fall IAC board meeting the IAC34 proposal
was accepted to host the championship title,
the IAC Open East Champion.
Each year two regional contests are granted sanction
for an IAC Open Champion title to the winner of each
category flown.  One contest is held in the East, one in the West.
The IAC Open West Championship will be hosted by IAC 26, Delano CA.

Visit our Contest page for more information about the
Ohio Aerobatic Open in June 2014!



May 10, 2014       AcroCamp!
10am-5pm           2013 Unlimited Team member
                           Brett Hunter will be on site to coach
                           Bellefontaine, Ohio (KEDJ)
                           More INFO on the Calendar page


Celebrating 40 years of Aerobatics!

1994 intermediate Competitors at the Ohio Aerobatic Open
at Bolton Field, Columbus OH

Left to Right; Lloyd Sutter, Russ Sheets, Laura Lehtola,
Ken Hadden, Bruce ?, Curt Arnspiger, Jim Pebbles, Brian Howard,
Damon Wack, Dan Wilson.

Photo by John Keller


Why do aerobatics?? 
     It is a good question. First, aerobatics are fun. Second,
pilots trained in aerobatics are safer pilots because they
have seen, and are comfortable with, all aspects of aircraft
control, aircraft performance, and aircraft limitations. Also,
as a result, the general aviation flying done by aerobatic pilots
is smoother due to improved coordination and feel for the
aircraft's controls.
     Aerobatic flying is precision flying, not "stunt" flying.
It is done safely, at a high altitude, in an aircraft built to take
the stress without breaking a sweat. 
     From Mild to Wild… From Fun to Competition…
IAC34 chapter meetings and events will
expose you to a wide variety of aerobatic activity
- Hope to see you soon!

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